Indigenous Partnerships

Opportunity & Capacity Unite

NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul was originally conceived and founded as an Indigenous company. The NCSG executive
management team is committed to the advancement of Indigenous employees and businesses in areas where we

NCSG is committed to the development of the communities we work in. We have partnered with several Indigenous groups throughout the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

  • FMFN Group – Fort McMurray First Nation, North-East, Alberta.
  • Nesokmahtan – Alberta Metis Zone 6, North-West Alberta.
  • Chard Métis Dene – North/East (Chard Area), Alberta.
  • Primco Dene – Cold Lake First Nation, North-East (Cold Lake), Alberta.
  • Onihcikiskowapowin – Saddle Lake First Nation, North-East, Alberta.
  • GGDL – George Gordon First Nation, Southern (Treaty 4) Saskatchewan.
  • Whitecap – Whitecap Dakota First Nation, Central/North, Saskatchewan.
  • MEDO – Metis Nation of Manitoba, Manitoba.
  • Coast Tsimshian – Metlakatla First Nation/Lax-Kw’aalaams Band, Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
  • Northern Indigenous – McLeod Lake Indian Band, Saulteau First Nation, West Moberly First Nation, North-East British Columbia.
  • APS Energy Services Inc. – Blue Berry First Nation, North-East British Columbia.
  • Qooluun – Haisla First Nation, Kitimat, British Columbia.
  • Gingolx Construction – Ginglox First Nation, North-West British Columbia.
  • Acho Dene Koe – Fort Laird Band, NWT & Northern British Columbia.
  • SIMPCW – SIMPCW First Nation, North-East/Central British Columbia.