About NCSG

NCSG aims to be the premier supplier in the crane and heavy haul sector by providing best-in-class equipment, personnel, an award-winning safety program and operational best practices.

Lifting & Moving Your World

With approximately 400 employees in 9 branch locations throughout the energy corridor of Western Canada, NCSG provides crane and heavy haul services to various industries such as refining, upgrading, upstream oil & gas, utilities, forestry, mining and wind energy.

NCSG takes immense pride in anchoring our Head Office in the heart of the thriving Acheson Industrial Area. Acheson, renowned as one of the fastest-growing industrial zones in Western Canada, offers an unparalleled blend of strategic positioning, cost efficiencies, and a robust talent pool, making it the ideal base for our expansive operations. As we branch out across Western Canada, our foundation in Acheson reinforces our commitment to being at the forefront of industry advancements while deeply valuing our community roots.

Core Purpose

Inspiring Solutions

NCSG Core Values


Safety is Our Personal Commitment

We care. At home and at work. Everyone home safe, everyday.


We Do What We Say

Through expertise, effort, and executional excellence.


Uncompromising Service

Through passion, pride, and dedication.


Unified in Purpose

Through teamwork, respect, and communication.


Driven to Succeed

We embrace learning. We remove roadblocks. We maximize value.


Indigenous Partnerships

18 Partnerships Across 23 Communities

NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul was originally conceived and founded as an Indigenous company. We are committed to the advancement of Indigenous employees and businesses in areas where we operate.

We have partnered with several Indigenous groups across Canada and have been recognized as “Partner of the Year” on two different occasions.

Leadership Team

Meet NCSG’s leadership team. They work day in and day out to inspire trust, create vision, execute strategy, and coach potential.

Together, we are excited to continue forging new relationships while providing the highest quality service to both NCSG’s customers and the crane & heavy haul industry as a whole.



The holistic view that sustainability extends beyond just environmental issues.


NCSG believes that all incidents are preventable and as such, safety objectives are set at ZERO.

At NCSG, safety is not just a priority; it’s a core value that guides everything we do. With a longstanding commitment to the protection of our employees, contractors, customers, and the general public, we have established ourselves as a leader in safety within the crane and heavy haul industry.