Our Services​

NCSG aims to be the premier supplier in the crane and heavy haul sector by providing best-in-class equipment, personnel, an award-winning safety program and operational best practices.


NCSG offers mobile crane rental services throughout Western Canada. Our modern, mobile crane fleet includes All-Terrain, Rough Terrain, Truck Mount, Conventional Mobile, and Crawler cranes.

  • Imperial Oil Makheses HRSG Replacement Project
  • CCRL Refinery Expansion – Modular Lifts
  • ConocoPhillips Surmont Phase 2 Heavy Lift Provider
  • Methanex Plant Disassembly
  • IAG/Sandridge Energy Demethanizer Tower/Module Lifts
  • Air Products Canada Ltd. Hydrogen Plant Construction

Heavy Transport

NCSG provides specialized transportation services across Western Canada. NCSG is an established provider of choice for hauling compressors, transformers, oil & gas plant skids, modules, site equipment, and more.

  • Over 1,500 modules shipped to Northen Alberta
  • Over 1,000 loads shipped to Northen British Columbia
  • Complete gas plant hauling
  • Specialized transport of over 500 bullets and vessels

Jack & Slide

When crane lifts are not possible or practical, NCSG provides jack & slide solutions to move, load, offload, set, and weigh heavy loads such as transformers, compressors oil & gas plant skids, modules, and more. Services include supervision, labour, self-contained and fully unified hydraulic jacking systems, hydraulic push/pull systems, a skid steer loader, sufficient support equipment, and expertise to complete any project efficiently and safely.


Oilfield Transport

Whether working in harsh weather or off-road conditions, we have the equipment and manpower necessary to load, offload, and transport a multitude of varying oilfield equipment and cargo to project sites.

  • Scissor Necks, Lowboys, and Highboys
  • Tri Axle/Double Drop Trombone
  • Bed Trucks, Pickers, and Boom Trucks
  • Winch Trucks and Boom Tractors

Specialty Rigging

NCSG has lifted over 1,000 prefabricated structures and pipe rack modules. NCSG engineers have designed and certified a specialized spreader frame called the QuikMod to lift different modules and skids up to 175 tons (i.e. pipe rack, cable tray, equipment, cold box).

  • 50% reduction in time on average to rig and set modules
  • Enhanced lift force distribution to the crane hook
  • Reduced crane “head room” for rigging
  • Shortened lift schedule

Technical Services

Full-time professional engineers are on the NCSG team to supply hoisting and transportation related engineering services including stamped engineered lift and heavy transportation plans. Our team of engineers assess each job, provide equipment and personnel recommendations, and ensure that work is completed in a safe, timely, and professional manner.