Technical Services

Full-time professional engineers are on the NCSG team to supply hoisting and transportation related engineering services

NCSG’s professional engineers work with all departments to supply certified hoisting and transportation related engineering services and solutions. The team includes a Ph.D. in Engineering who specializes in the design and fabrication of complex rigging components for executing complex jobs safely and quickly. Our engineers assess each job and provide recommendations on equipment and personnel requirements. They also ensure the work is completed in a safe, timely and professional manner.


As part of our full service package, NCSG can provide stamped engineered lift and heavy transportation plans. These technical drawings provide comprehensive engineered plans to ensure all lifts and transportation jobs are performed according to specification and in a safe manner.

Some of the lift plans that have been completed by NCSG’s Engineering Team include:

  • Using 4 cranes simultaneously to hoist and turn a 153m, 53,000 lb. pipe onto racking 
  • Hoisting and sliding a 600,000 lb. generator into restricted space using an 8-leg Gantry system
  • Lifting a 760,000 lb. gantry crane using 3 cranes for the pulp and paper industry
  • Using multiple cranes to erect and disassemble the world’s tallest tower crane – Kroll 10000
  • Using 10 cranes to support a 42” diameter pipe pull

Our engineering group also designs specialized custom rigging solutions for complex jobs such as lifting large modules efficiently and safely.