Careers at NCSG​

None of our success would be possible without our valued employees moving in the same direction in conjunction with our vision and mission. Our objective is to recruit, develop and retain talent.

Why a career with NCSG and companies?

With just over 400 employees, NCSG is one of the fastest growing Crane and Heavy Haul companies in North America. Our organization has experienced extraordinary growth and change during the past decade thanks largely to our continued commitment to safety, teamwork and to our growth strategy of expanding our fleet, our services, and our geographic presence. None of our success would be possible without our valued employees moving in the same direction in conjunction with our vision and mission. Our objective is to recruit, develop and retain talent. Subject to statutory law and collective agreements, NCSG candidates are selected solely on merit, abilities, skills and qualifications during our recruitment and selection process.

Current Career Opportunities

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Thanks to you and your team, excellent work while working on the roof top project. From a HSSE perspective I think your team worked in a manner in which NCSG should be proud. From the daily field level risk assessments, daily job planning, general roof top housekeeping and employee interactions, each employee was happy to answer questions and participate in safety conversations. Thus resulting in no incidents and no injuries.
Module & Logistics Coordinator
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Throughout the course of this project, NCSG has been completely professional and accommodating to the specific needs of our project. Every module delivered so far has met or exceeded Bantrel's expected delivery dates and expectations. Most importantly, this was achieved without any recorded safety incidences in the module yards, on the highways or at our site.
Project Manager
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Your crew was extremely competent, well organized, had a well-developed plan and they followed it through. When there were minor changes to the plan they regrouped and talked it out and agreed on a path forward. Our safety professionals underground were also very impressed with the quality of the FLRAs and the organized manner with which they carried out the work. It was a flawless execution, performed safely and done ahead of our expectations.
Module Yard Manager
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The knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to safety exhibited by you and your team have exceeded our expectations and go beyond that of the peers in your industry. As we know this industry is fast paced and ever evolving and you have done an excellent job adjusting to last minute changes.
Logistics Manager
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Great job on the vessel lift today and all of the planning and execution work that went behind it. This is a great milestone for the project. Please provide the recognition and appreciation to the team.
Transportation & Logistics Coordinator
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It is indeed great to find such a dedicated group of highly skilled and competent individuals who are focused on customer services as is the case within Trans Tech.” On every occasion the trucks, trailers and equipment arrived clean, appeared well maintained and left an immediate impression of pride of ownership. The initial positive impression then transcended into reality as the crews proved to be exceptionally well organized, and fully prepared for the tasks ahead of them.

The NCSG Culture

Some of the main fundamentals of NCSG’s culture are:

  • Job safety is a focus for everyone: protecting our employees and the public is what we do
  • Accountable, approachable and ethical management
  • Effort is rewarded; advancement is based on merit and skills. Our practices are transparent, consistent and fair
  • We encourage a healthy work-life balance for our employees which in turn contributes to a great company culture
  • Industry competitive remuneration, our employees enjoy a comprehensive total compensation package
  • Professional atmosphere, all employees are treated with respect and dignity

Our mission is to provide

  • Comprehensive safety program with field-level buy-in which directs the actions, policies, procedures, and training for the safe delivery of our services and the protection of the environment.
  • A team of employees with pride, integrity and strong work ethic
  • The best: customer service, knowledge, equipment, and technology available today
  • Operational excellence, engineering excellence, continuous improvement, and innovation
  • Profitability and outstanding return on invested capital for our shareholders

Employee Development & Support

Every staff member has a vital role to play in ensuring the success of our business. We will make every effort to support employees and to create an environment in which they can achieve their highest level of excellence. Our leaders and technical experts will always be on hand to support you with advice, coaching and mentoring.

Our Employee Development Includes

  • Virtual Training for all employees
  • Safety Leadership training for supervisors and managers to ensure we meet our organizational goals and sustain the company’s future
  • Developing and upgrading technical and non-technical skills to ensure our specialists are delivering best-in-class solutions to our customers
  • Mentoring at all levels of our business to guide, support and motivate our people to reach their full potential


The diversity of our employees reflects the high priority we place on ensuring the complete integration of employees irrespective of gender, race, disability, status, religious or political affiliations and age. Our ability to bring together employees of diverse backgrounds and create a unified team gives NCSG an advantage in our industry.

We are proud to call ourselves an Equal Opportunity Employer!