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NHR Calgary

With a proud history spanning over 35 years, NCSG is a renowned name in the crane and heavy haul services industry. Our presence in Calgary, AB solidifies our commitment to deliver outstanding heavy haul, jack & slide, and related solutions tailored to the province’s unique industrial sector.

Our Calgary location specializes in civil construction, existing plant maintenance, and taxi work. Combining our experience with our large fleet and award-winning safety program, NCSG is the solution provider of choice across western Canada. Call or email us today for a quote on your next project!

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NHR Calgary Services

Heavy Haul

NHR is an established provider of choice for hauling compressors, transformers, oil & gas plant skids, modules, and more. Specialized transport requires significant logistics coordination and route studies. NHR’s heavy haul divisions are renowned for providing exemplary service from project start to finish.

Jack & Slide

When crane lifts are not possible or practical, NHR Calgary provides jack & slide services to move, load, offload, and weigh heavy loads. Known as the next generation of jack-and-roll systems, jack & slide is a safer and more controlled process than its predecessor.

Technical & Logistics

As part of our turnkey package, NHR can provide stamped engineered lift and heavy transportation plans including technical drawings with comprehensive route studies. This ensures that all jobs are performed in a safe and certified manner.

Local Expertise​

At NHR, we’re attuned to the unique demands of Alberta’s industrious landscape. Combining our understanding of the province’s varied sectors with our state-of-the-art equipment and technical expertise, we offer a suite of specialized services that cater to these unique needs. 

From unmatched heavy haul solutions to leading Jack & Slide services, we’re your reliable partner for operations in Calgary and beyond. Get in touch with us today to see how we’re able to assist with your next project!

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Fort McMurray First Nation – Partner of the Year Award

Indigenous Partnerships


NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul was originally conceived and founded as an Indigenous company. We are committed to the development of the communities we work in. NCSG has partnered with several Indigenous groups across western Canada and throughout Alberta including:

  • Fort McMurray First Nation North-East, Alberta.
  • Nesokmahtan – Alberta Metis Zone 6, North-West Alberta.
  • Chard Métis Dene – North/East (Chard Area), Alberta.
  • Cold Lake First Nation  North-East (Cold Lake), Alberta.
  • Saddle Lake First Nation – North-East, Alberta.

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